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Fancy a pet dinosaur? Another great reason to visit Lightning Ridge

6th December 2018
By Belinda McNab
Lightning Ridge and their new Weewarrasauras Pobeni dinosaur are amazing finds!

One of our favourite places in NSW is Lightning Ridge.  This beautiful place is a haven for the most amazing opals you’ll ever see.  But it is much more than that.  Lightning Ridge is a mecca for palaeontologists and dinosaur enthusiasts alike.

A new species of dinosaur, about the size of a Kelpie, has been identified due to the keen eye of Mike Poben, who found jawbone fragments in some rough opals in 2013. 

The Weewarrasauras Pobeni - named for the location of the fossil find, and Mr Poben, would have walked the then lush area of outback NSW, which was rich with rainfall and fringed by waterways, about 100 million years ago.

With the help of University of New England palaeontologist Dr Phil Bell and his team, the pieces of the puzzle were put together over the next 2 years and a new species identified.

If you fancy yourself an amateur fossil collector, then Lightning Ridge could be a great place to make a new discovery.

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