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A great RaRMS experience in Walgett

Mohammad Sharier, GP/VMO
I worked for RaRMS in Walgett for 4 years. I had total flexibility on my roster, working environment and the staff were excellent and helpful in all aspects. RaRMS helped me to settle in a small country town smoothly and was supportive all the time while I was doing my training with RVTS. I recommend RaRMS as an employer - the best.

GP/VMO at Lightning Ridge

Sanjay Singh Jamwal, GP/VMO
My 18 months at Lightning Ridge as GP/VMO would not have been possible without the support of RaRMS. Being a non-profit organisation, RaRMS is providing great services to remote communities. Also, RaRMS understands every aspect that is important to rural GPs and facilitates them. I really found RaRMS quite approachable, understanding, organised and eager to help. I would not hesitate to work with RaRMS in future and also would recommend RaRMS if a GP wants to practise in the outback.

RaRMS 'a supportive organisation'

Dr Anthony Scherz, Locum
I’ve found RaRMS to be a professional, supportive organisation with a focus on the provision of quality, comprehensive rural health care.